Veronica and William

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Our Story

Veronica is from Reno, NV, and Will is from Rescue, CA. Having grown up relatively close to each other, who knew that they would meet nearly thirty years later halfway across the world? Our story started when we were assigned to represent the same client as Air Force JAGs at a base near Tokyo, Japan. After working together in the courtroom, our story began to develop as we became close friends. As our relationship blossomed, we started to go on trips together including places like Seoul, Thailand, Europe, and, of course, Tokyo Disney!

In August 2017, Will made a big leap and moved to be with Veronica. Then, in November 2017, he asked her if she would marry him and she said YES!

We moved back to Reno, NV to be closer to our families and recently got a little puppy named Narai (after an amazing town in Japan that we visited) who likes to terrorize our cat, Boots. We are beyond excited for the big day and hope that you can share our excitement!
Ariel Rutland